Jonas Rosen, LMSW

Founder and Psychedelic Consultant

I combine a social work background, mindfulness-based practices,

and nearly a decade of experience in psychedelic healing.​

Ever since my first psychedelic experience 10 years ago, it’s been my passion to research, learn, and develop a holistic perspective around applying plant medicines towards healing and self-actualization.

As a psychedelic professional, I’ve participated in dozens of group psychedelic sessions, and walked alongside hundreds of individuals in supportive exploration of non-ordinary states of consciousness. 

I believe that through the skillful use of psychedelics, humanity stands to heal and come together with more peace and unity. With that ideal in mind, I founded Inner Vision to help others access the psychedelic experience in a safe and intentional way. 

Extensive experience as a professional psychedelic facilitator

For over a year I’ve worked as a psychedelic facilitator at MycoMeditations- a retreat center in Jamaica which offers legal, safe access to psilocybin mushrooms.

I’ve participated in dozens of group psilocybin sessions, and continually worked to offer safe spaces for people to plunge into the depths of the psychedelic experience. I’ve walked side-by-side with others through all stages of the psychedelic experience, and have repeatedly seen miraculous healing occassioned by psilocybin.

After seeing and experiencing psychedelic healing in action, I feel more impassioned than ever before to help people access this medicine in a safe and supportive setting.

Creator of “Cosmic Consciousness with Jonas” YouTube Channel

In the past 6 years as a YouTube creator, I’ve shared educational content around psychedelics, spiritual awakening, and the mysteries of the cosmos- and amassed almost 2 million video views. During that time, I’ve worked with hundreds of people to offer guidance around the psychedelic experience.