Psychedelic Spiritual Awakening

Psychedelic experiences can create profound spiritual growth

According to modern research, 70% of psychedelic users rate their experience as among the top 5 most spiritually significant experiences of their entire lives.

In many cases, psychedelics induce peak experiences, or “mystical” experiences, that may offer new insights into some of life’s biggest questions. You may find yourself with a radically different outlook on life and sense of meaning or purpose. These are life-changing experiences which in some ways, may feel overwhelming or incomprehensible.

How can we use these mystical or spiritual experiences?

After psychedelic experience passes, how do we translate this into spiritual evolution and awakening which lasts a lifetime?

Together, we’ll unpack your experience, discuss how to bring the spiritual dimension of the psychedelic experience into our everyday lives, and tap into higher states of consciousness.

This is for you if…