Psychedelic Preparation

Information and support to
maximize positive outcomes.

For those new to the psychedelic experience, the amount of information to sort through can be overwhelming. Which substance is right for me to explore? In which dosage? How can I best prepare for a psychedelic experience- and am I even ready for this?

We’ll set you up with all information you need to take courageous steps towards healing and transformation.

Psychedelics are different from other therapies or medications.

Through an intentional approach, we can actively set the stage for a life-changing experience to happen. Together, we’ll explore best practices for preparing, using psychedelics, and creating a safe container for your experience to unfold.

We’ll cover techniques which enable deeper journeys, as well as key insights for how to tap into your own “inner healing intelligence” and heal more effectively.

No matter what your inquiry or experience is, we have the information you need to optimize your trip for maximum safety and best outcomes.

This is for you if…