How to Find a Psychedelic Therapist, Retreat, or Community

Jonas Rosen, LMSW

Jonas Rosen, LMSW

Founder & Psychedelic Consultant

Looking for a psychedelic therapist or retreat center?

Psychedelics have been receiving increasing attention in recent years, and for good reason. Numerous studies indicate that psychedelic-assisted therapy dramatically outperforms other pharmaceutical drugs in the treatment of mental illness— without any of the side-effects. Additionally, beyond their healing powers, psychedelics are known to enhance creativity, problem-solving, spiritual growth, and a sense of life purpose.

However, due to the illegality of these substances in most countries, it can be incredibly challenging to safely access these substances. Below are some helpful links for doing just that.

Retreat Centers

Psychedelic retreats offer an incredible opportunity to pause, reset, and focus on your personal growth. The links below allow you to search for retreats by location and other preferences.

MycoMeditations Retreat Center in Jamaica

Psychedelic Practitioners and Therapists

At Inner Vision, we’ve walked side-by-side with hundreds of people throughout their psychedelic experiences. If you’re looking for a psychedelic therapist, you can book a free 1st session with us for expert support, wherever you’re at on your journey.

The links below offer further options to find psychedelic practitioners and therapists in your area.

Psychedelic groups, clubs, and meetups

Clinical research trials

Clinical research trials on psychedelic drugs are available in some regions. The following resources are recommended for learning about clinical trials in North America:

Concluding thoughts

Before proceeding with any of these options, it’s advisable to reflect on what your intentions are, and what is bringing you to the psychedelic experience.

Are you seeking a therapeutic or healing experience? Are you seeking a spiritual or religious experience? Are you seeking creative insights or breakthroughs? Depending on your intentions, different settings may be more or less appropriate.

This can be a complex landscape to navigate, and if we at Inner Vision can help you in any way, we would love to. Book a free first session with us here.


This document is adapted from of, a freely-licensed collection of materials covering psychedelic harm reduction and complementary therapies.