7 Guidelines for Safe and Effective Psychedelic Use

Jonas Rosen, LMSW

Jonas Rosen, LMSW

Founder & Psychedelic Consultant

How can we use psychedelics in the safest and most effective way?

Whether we come to the psychedelic experience for healing, growth, or exploration, there is no denying the incredible potential of these substances.

However, it’s also clear that safely using these powerful substances requires the proper approach. It’s important to be intentional when choosing the set, setting, substance, and dose. Additionally, it’s always advisable to have a trusted guide or “trip sitter” to accompany you on the journey.

In the psychedelic experience, there are also various methods and techniques that we can use to better navigate the ups and downs of the experience. For example, meditation and deep breathing can be essential practices for moving through a challenging psychedelic experience.

In the video below, I share 7 guidelines for using these sacred substances to their fullest potential:

  1. Cultivate an attitude of trust and surrender
  2. Focus on being rather than doing
  3. Allow the mind to settle
  4. Breathe through ups and downs
  5. Fully express emotions as they arise
  6. Navigate anxiety and resistance with awareness
  7. Orient attention inwardly
  8. Bonus Tip!

These tips all reflect an attitude of non-judgmentally observing the experience, and going with the natural flow of the journey. This intentional approach is fundamental to safely navigating the psychedelic experience, and opens up more profound experiences of the mind and consciousness. 

Safe travels! And for more on the intentional and effective use of psychedelics, please book a session with us here.